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Chandelier restoration and installation in the Chicago area
Chandelier restoration and installation in the Chicago area
Chandelier restoration and installation in the Chicago area

Chandelier Restoration Service


Our chandelier restoration services include: rewiring, fixing or replacing damaged or lost parts, general refurbishing, and complete detailed cleaning of chandelier frames and crystals. Because we at Sibilano's have been in business since 1924, we have gained an extensive knowledge of how to make an older chandelier look the way it did when it was made. During this history of experience we have accumulated an abundance of chandelier parts that can no longer be found anywhere else. We have the ability to come and remove large chandeliers to be worked on in our workshop, or if it is necessary to work onsite. If you have a large restoration project or even just want to restore and old chandelier, call us for a free assessment.


Chandelier Installation


We have been offering free delivery and free installation on all products sold to our customers for more than 30 years.  Our technicians have the expertise that only comes from years of experience in the specialized field of crystal chandelier installation.  When installing a Sibilano Chandelier we will first remove any existing light fixture that is already there, then check the ceiling light box for proper support.  Once it has been established that there is proper support for the weight of the chandelier, we proceed to the physical installation of the chandelier. Working with the customer's desires we will help find the proper height that the chandelier should hang from, and to complete the process we put in all the of the light bulbs and then hang each crystal on the frame.


Our technicians also have extensive experience working with motorized light lifts which raise and lower the chandelier for cleaning. These motorized lifts are installed in the attic above the lighting box where the chandelier will hang.  If there is an existing motorized light lift installed we will have no trouble working with it; however, the installation of the light lift is not included in the free installation of the chandelier. We currently sell the Aladdin light lift and offer a service to install them with a service charge.

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