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The Gheeta chandelier design is our most classic and best-selling design. This chandelier has a 24K gold or white gold plated frame with 31 lights. The chandelier was designed by Angelo Sibilano over a long period of time to create an elegant glow from within and dazzle with the full color spectrum throughout with Swarovski crystal. The dimensions are 6 feet long and 44 inches wide.


This is our most modern crystal chandelier design. It features three main rings dressed with a modern square crystal and then is filled in with rows of all ball crystal. With so many ball crystals the chandelier gives off a large amount of light and color, due to the many facets cut into these crystals. The three layers are connected together with a simple and elegant pipe design that features two Swarovski Crystal piece built right into the frame.  The model shown has a width of 31 inches and a length of 56 inches.
This is our mid size version of the Cynthia design. It has the same modern features, like the elegant pipe design with the Swarovski crystals built into the frame. The other example of this chandelier only features the one layer instead of the three layers on the bigger Cynthia design. The design and size make this chandelier perfect for big dining rooms, small foyers, large living rooms, or over an island in a kitchen.

This chandelier is 31 inches wide and 15 inches long. It features 18 lights and 12 rows of ball crystals.


The Carla design features a three-tiered fountain-esque crystal construction which allows the light it emits to seem to flow throughout the room. The design and size of this chandelier make it excellent for large open areas, tall foyers, and any room where a significant amount of light is needed. This example features a white gold plated frame and dazzling Swarovski crystals.


This multiple layer chandelier is a great example of a classical European style of crystal chandelier design. It is seen here in two variations on the same design.

This first example is 28 inches wide and 26 inches long, it is shown with the gold plated frame. This chandelier has the green, blue, and pink crystal on the outside layers.

This next example is 26 inches wide and 25 inches long, it is shown in the white gold plated frame and has blue and turquoise color crystals on the outside rows.

4031 Sconce

This is our biggest wall sconce. It has five lights inside of the frame and is 17 inches wide by 23 inches long.

This example has the white gold plated frame and turquoise Swarovski crystal on the outside rows, as well as ball crystal on the three bottom rows.

Fifty Series

This is our Fifty series chandelier design. It is a very modern design which prominently features the Swarovski ball crystal. On the main ring there are pointed plug crystals which give the design a great look, and the chandelier is quite bright, featuring six lights. The chandelier shown here is 13 inches wide and 7 inches long, it is shown in the white gold plated frame.


This design is also available in the 24K yellow gold plated frame and in both larger and smaller widths; including 9, 11, 15, 17, 20, 24, and 30 inches wide. The price is the same for either gold or white gold plated frame but is different with the various sizes. Please send an email or call for price quotes.

Mini Series

This is our newest design series. They are our crystal chandelier pendants. They feature two rows of crystal with Swarovski ball and plug crystal at the bottom and a unique diamond shape crystal connecting them. At the top of the pendant is a modern gold or white gold plated cylinder with a Swarovski strass crystal ball built right into the frame.

This beautiful chandelier is 32 inches and wide 17 inch long, and mounted on the ceiling. It features a double basket design and is dressed with strings of 12 mm Swarovski spectra crystal.  The chandelier is available in the gold finish and in the silver finish frame. There are 18 lights inside the frame which are sufficient to make any large area very bright. We can also custom design this chandelier in many different widths and lengths. Please call if you are interested in this option. 

Custom Chandeliers

Although many of our chandeliers have standard sizes, we at Sibilano’s also can custom design a fixture to your specifications. This is a process that we love to do and is as simple as having an idea about a design you would like with an estimation of the size. Feel free to call or email us and we can create the masterpiece for you.

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