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Sibilano Chandeliers designed Angelo Sibilano with one of his crystal chandeliers.

Sibilano’s famous Crystal Chandeliers are custom made to order in the United States, each by the hands of Italian designer Angelo Sibilano, for those who appreciate the style and luxury that a Crystal chandelier can bring to a room. Angelo has been designing chandeliers for over 30 years, continually honing his craft and artistic ability. His custom creations can each be designed to fit your specifications; such as width and length, frame finish, and color of crystal.


At Sibilano’s we are known for designing chandeliers that are very full, this is done by dressing the chandelier head to toe in crystal leaving no gaps and hiding all lights inside the frame so that the chandelier illuminates evenly from within, only showing off the beautiful crystal. Our frames are of the highest quality materials, they are solid brass and either 24k Gold or white gold plated. We give our customers a lifetime guarantee that our frames will never tarnish.


To ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with our chandeliers we have always provided the service of delivery and installation, by our technicians, free of charge. This has always been a great benefit to our customers; allowing them to bypass the challenges involved in installing a crystal chandelier while also ensuring that the installation is done the correctly, by people who do it each and every day. Another benefit of this service is that it insures that the product is in perfect condition, bypassing the often troubling and often costly process of returning it.

Designer Angelo Sibilano


Sibilano Chandeliers Chicago
5727 W.  Belmont Ave
Chicago, Il 60634


11:00am-6:00pm Monday-Saturday
1:00pm-5:00pm Sunday

Sibilano Chandeliers Niles
9511 N. Milwaukee Ave
Niles, Il 60714


11:00am-6:00pm Monday-Saturday
1:00pm-5:00pm Sunday

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